Instruction Videos

We are producing a number of demonstration videos on the installation and maintenance of our most popular products.

One is for the installation of the CMP 3 pyranometer, but the principles apply to horizontal mounting of all CMP, CGR and CUV radiometers for measuring radiation from the whole sky. Another video shows how to mount and adjust the CSD 3 sunshine duration sensor using the CMB 1 mounting bracket.

Our latest is a step by step guide to the installation of the Kipp & Zonen SOLYS 2 sun tracker. It is divided into 11 parts covering specific procedures from taking it out of the box to powering it up and finalising the alignment. How to fit the sun sensor, a pyrheliometer, shading ball assembly, pyranometers, pyrgeometer and  ventilation units. Ending up with a fully equipped solar monitoring station ready to measure direct, diffuse and global short-wave solar irradiance and long-wave radiation from the sky and atmosphere.

Using the menu below you can go directly to the part you are interested in, or you can watch the complete video by selecting ‘watch all’. Each video part ends with the menu again, so you can select the next procedure that you would like to watch.

Please note that these videos are not substitutes for the instrument manuals, which we advise you to read carefully before installing the SOLYS 2, radiometers and accessories.


Step by step video of the installation of the CMP 3 pyranometer:


Step by step video of the installation of the CSD 3 Sunshine Duration Sensor: