Service, Repair & Calibration

Kipp & Zonen products are designed for a long operating life and most components, other than consumables used in regular maintenance, do not have a specific life-time. However, components do degrade or require servicing to maintain optimal performance depending upon age, the operating conditions and maintenance.

It sometimes happens that products become damaged by accident or by extreme conditions (such as lightning strikes). In this case repairs and the replacement of parts will be necessary. Many service or repair activities can be carried out at our offices in France, Singapore and the USA. However, some operations require specialised equipment at the factory in the Netherlands.

Regular calibration of all measurement equipment is the key to maintaining the original performance and accuracy. We recommend calibration of the sensitivity of our radiometers every two years. However, industrial customers using our products in testing, quality or process control (including solar energy) may have internal QA/QC procedures that require annual calibration.

Our offices have calibration facilities to calibrate Kipp & Zonen pyranometers, albedometers, pyrgeometers and net radiometers. Pyrheliometers, UV radiometers and some specialised products can only be calibrated at the factory.

For information and quotations regarding service, repair and calibration contact your local Kipp & Zonen office or .