AGU Fall Meeting 2016

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In December of this year the AGU Fall Meeting, the largest Earth and space science meeting in the world, will be taking place again in San Francisco. As you would expect, Kipp & Zonen will participate in the 49th edition of the AGU Fall Meetingn will participate in the 49th edition of the AGU Fall Meeting. We are looking forward to see you in the exhibition hall.

From December 12 to 16
Location: San Francisco

About AGU Fall Meeting

The AGU Fall Meeting is known to bring together the entire Earth and space science community from across the globe. It is a venue for discussions of emerging trends and the latest research. It is also a place to present your research, hear about the latest discoveries in the field, network with colleagues; and to meet the manufacturers of the indispensable equipment for performing your measurements, i.e. Kipp & Zonen.

What is new in solar radiation measurement?

In case you have not yet heard, this year we launched our new RaZON+, an innovative and user friendly turn-key solution providing all components of solar irradiance, such as Direct Normal (DNI), Diffuse Horizontal (DHI) and calculated Global Horizontal (GHI), as well as sunshine duration.

Particularly interesting features of RaZON+ are the maintenance free Gear Drive sun tracker and the anti-soiling Smart pyrheliometer design.

What is new in atmospheric science?

We are proud to introduce you to our new X-LAS MkII which measures over long distances, up to 12 km. If you are interested in measuring atmospheric turbulence and in monitoring Evapo-Transpiration be sure to visit our booth and take the opportunity to talk to our Scientist. He is an expert in the field of atmospheric science and he will be pleased to tell you all about our Large Aperture Scintillometers, the LAS and of course the new X-LAS MkII.

What else is on display?

You will no doubt remember our expanded range of Smart sensors for the accurate measurement of solar radiation which we introduced last year. Apart from our SMP pyranometers, SHP1 pyrheliometers and SGR pyrgeometers we have on offer for you our CNR4 and NR Lite net radiometers as well as the SOLYS 2 sun tracker.

The Kipp & Zonen team is expecting you at booth # 833 in the exhibition hall!

So just drop by and take a look at our instruments. If you have a specific measurement problem we will be happy to assist you. We are also there for you if you wish to share your views on solar radiation measurements or if you are just looking for a friendly chat.

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