SMP3 Pyranometer

  • 0 to 1 Volt or 4 to 20 mA analogue output
  • No change of desiccant for 10 years
  • Active temperature correction from -40°C to +80°C
  • 5 year warranty (*)


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SMP3 Pyranometer

The SMP3 is a smart pyranometer with low maintenance and industry standard digital and analogue amplified outputs. Based on the proven CMP 3 technology the SMP3 adds Modbus® interface, improved response time and temperature corrected measurement data. The wide and low power supply range from 5 to 30 VDC makes integration in meteorological stations easy. The SMP is protected against over voltage, reversed polarity and short circuiting. Because all SMP’s have identical sensitivity and connections exchanging instruments during recalibration is easy.

SmartExplorer Windows™ for data logging, display of data and Modbus® address setting is provided as standard.

SMP3 measures global solar radiation on a horizontal plane. When tilted with the same angle as a PV panel it measures the tilted global radiation, for PV module efficiency calculations.

(*) This product will need to be registered by the end-user within 6 months of purchase to activate the warranty extension.

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Spectral range (50% points) 300 to 2800 nm
Response time (63%) < 1.5 s
Response time (95%) < 12 s
Zero offset A < 15 W/m²
Zero offset B < 5 W/m²
Directional response (up to 80° with 1000 W/m² beam) 20 W/m²
Temperature dependence of sensitivity (-20 ºC to +50 ºC) < 3 %
Analogue output (-V version) 0 to 1 V
Analogue output (-A version) 4 to 20 mA
Digital output 2-wire RS-485


  • What kind of services do you provide for the SMP3?
    • SMP3-V & SMP3-A SMART Pyranometer (internal drying cartridge)
      Part number: Description: Extra information:
      0338750 Inspection Full inspection + inspection report.
      0999910-2 Sensitivity calibration Indoor calibration against traceable reference.
      (New calibration certificate will be supplied)
      0365715 Configuration smart We can apply your required communication parameters
      9016355 Sunshield
      0016357 Leveling screw
      0016358 Fixed foot
      0999911 Replacement calibration certificate Please provide serial number and instrument type.
      2523146 Waterproof 8-pin plug
      0362621 Waterproof 8-pin plug +10m cable
      0362622 Waterproof 8-pin plug +15m cable
      0362623 Waterproof 8-pin plug +25m cable
      0362624 Waterproof 8-pin plug +50m cable
      0362625 Waterproof 8-pin plug +100m cable
      0374700 Replacement smart interface (Volt) Factory repair (new smart interface will be fitted)
      0374701 Replacement smart interface (Ampere) Factory repair (new smart interface will be fitted)
      0338100 Small radiometer fixing kit Fixing kit
      0338720 Mounting rod Mounting rod
      0999910-3 Sensitivity calibration ISO17025 Calibration can only be done between april and september.
      4250040 Drying cartridge Internal drying cartridge (disc)

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  • What type of pyranometer can I use for my fixed PV panels farm?
    • For this application the CMP10 and SMP10 are advised as they have an internal drying cartridge that will last for at least 10 years.

      Please note that the pyranometer needs to be mounted in the same angle (POA) as the PV panel. 


      For users that prefer the desiccant visible Kipp & Zonen offers the CMP11 and SMP11 with visible and user changeable desiccant.

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