Inauguration of new Calibration Facility in Bengaluru, India

Inauguration of new Calibration Facility in Bengaluru, Indiaarticle picture
Published: Friday, April 24, 2020 We are pleased to announce that as of March 2020 we can offer in-house service and calibration of pyranometers in India. The facility is now in operation at the high tech service centre of Hach India in Bengaluru. This ensures a rapid turn-around time for customers and at the same level of expertise as at the Kipp & Zonen factory in the Netherlands.

Trained team of service experts

Supported by the R&D team in Delft, our Technical Sales & Services Manager Clive Lee supervised the installation and commissioning of the calibration facility in Bengaluru. He trained a team of service experts to expand their knowledge on solar irradiance measurements and the service and calibration of pyranometers. The team has already performed over 200 recalibrations in the year to date.

Recalibration compliant to ISO 9847:1992

Kipp & Zonen has multiple automated calibration facilities at the factory in a climate controlled dark room. Pyranometers are calibrated when new, or recalibrated as a service, according to Annex A.3 of international standard ISO 9847:1992, which specifically refers to the “Kipp & Zonen Device and Procedure”. The (re)calibration certificate that is provided with every instrument describes the procedure and gives the complete traceability to the World Radiometric Reference (WRR) in Davos, Switzerland.

Calibration facility at Bengaluru

India is the latest addition to our global network of calibration facilities. In this case it is for the most popular pyranometer models; the passive CM4, CMP3, CMP10, CMP11, CMP21 and the equivalent Smart SMP versions. You can simply send them to our facility in Bengaluru, reducing the costs and downtime compared with shipping to the Netherlands or Singapore.

Each pyranometer is cleaned, inspected and tested and a report file is generated before it is recalibrated. The automated calibration equipment is the same as in Delft and operates through the factory calibration server, software and database. Thanks to remote monitoring and auditing by the head office in the Netherlands we can guarantee the same level of service locally in India.

Are you measuring solar irradiance in India? If so, regular recalibration of your pyranometers is essential to the accuracy of the recorded data.

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