Insulation Ring for Pyranometers

  • Ensures electric insulation of the radiometer housing

  • Improves thermal insulation of tilted instruments installed without feet 

  • Fits all CMP, SMP, SUV, SGR radiometers

  • Works with screw feet, the fixed feet kit or no feet.

  • Included as standard part of all SMP radiometers starting from serial number t.b.a. 2021




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Insulation Ring for Pyranometers


All Smart instruments contain sensitive electronics that are affected by transient over-voltage surges, as can be present on solar energy parks. The large metal array frames, and often imperfect earthing, create receivers for all sorts of electrical discharges.

In order to ensure that the radiometer is electrically insulated from the mounting structure it is advised that an insulation ring is fitted under the instrument. This ring also offers thermal insulation from the mounting when tilted pyranometers are installed with the feet removed.


The insulation ring works for the standard setup with 1 fixed and 2 screw feet, 3 fixed feet for easy tilted installation using the Two Fixed Feet kit and without feet for tilted installation.

With the insulation ring installed the cable shield must be properly connected to earth/ground in the data logger or junction box.




The insulators, marked red, on top of the radiometer must remain in place, otherwise the radiometer is not insulated.

For retrofitting existing radiometers, the insulation ring will become available as a service item under part number 0362706.


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