COMBILOG Data Logger

  • Eight analogue inputs and six digital I/O inputs
  • Voltage, current, resistance, pulse, frequency and 8-bit gray code
  • Switchable outputs for treshholds and alarms
  • Additional arithemic 'virtual' channels


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COMBILOG Data Logger


The COMBILOG is designed for DIN-rail mounting and can be supplied as the basic data logger for indoor use, or in a stainless steel weather-proof enclosure for outdoor installation. The enclosure comes complete with over-voltage surge protection for the data logger inputs and has terminals for power and ground connections. There is space in the enclosure for alternative communication and power options.

COMBILOG is compatible with the full range of Kipp & Zonen solar radiometers and industry standard meteorological sensors for wind, temperature, pressure, rainfall, etc. It can also accept 0 - 20 mA and 4 - 20 mA current signal and take the outputs from our LAS MkII Large Aperture Scintillometer. COMBILOG is used in our Evapo-Transpiration Systems.

Because of its good performance and ease of use we recommend COMBILOG for our higher quality solar radiation monitoring stations, in particular those complying with the requirements of the Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN).

The COMBILOG is very flexible. Any of the 8 analogue input channels can be configured to measure voltage or current and can be single-ended or differential. Any channel can measure temperature using a resistance sensor, such as 10K thermistors or Pt-100, in 2, 3, or 4-wire modes. There is a built-in display and menu control for viewing readings, status and limited setup of logging parameters. Internal ‘virtual’ channels with arithmetic functions can be created from 2 or more measurement channels for instance, to calculate Albedo or to make temperature compensations.

COMBILOG has an internal memory of 7 MB. This will store several months of data with a time resolution of 10 minutes. Moreover a built-in SD card slot on the front allows the data memory to be expanded up to several gigabytes.

To communicate with the data logger there is a choice of USB, Ethernet, RS 232 and RS 485. Through the Ethernet connection, a web server is available to view real time data and change basic settings of the data logger in a web browser.

Up to four data loggers can be daisy-chained to increase the number of input channels available. COMBILOG is supplied with Windows™ software to configure the logger and to download data to a PC is included.

Options available include weatherproof enclosures, various types of modem, power supplies and solar charging systems, and data display and evaluation software.


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Analogue inputs 8 with 16 bits resolution, Single-ended, differential, voltage, current or resistance; 2, 3 or 4-wire temperature sensors
Input ranges Voltage from ± 6.25 mV to ± 10 V, full-scale
Resolution From 0.003 % to 0.03% (depending on the range) nm
Digital inputs 6 I/O ports
Virtual inputs Additional internal arithmetic channels
Supply voltage DC 10 to 30 V
Power consumption 265 mW typical @ 12 V
Internal memory size 7 MB for data
Memory card type SD memory card (optional)
Communication USB, Ethernet, RS 232 or RS 485 serial, Various types of modem (optional)


  • How long can I record data on my COMBILOG data logger
    • This depends on the number of recorded channels and storage interval. A detailed description of the storage capacity can been found in the COMBILOG manual, available on it's product page.

      In case you want to quickly calculate the storage capacity in days for your application, please use the calculation tool below.

      Please enter your desired settings for the data logger:
      Number of Channels:
      Storage interval [seconds]:
      Total number of days recording time:
      With standard internal memory:


      With optional SD-card:
      1024MB / 1 GB:



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