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CM121B/C Shadow Ring

To be used with Kipp & Zonen pyranometers, smart pyranometers, pyrgeometers and UV radiometers to shield the instrument from direct radiation.

Picture Solar Applications-12 Accessories-Shadowring CM121


CM121 B/C Shadow Ring - Brochure


CM121 B/C Shadow Ring - Manual


CVF4 Ventilation Unit

Ventilating radiometers improves the reliability and accuracy of measurements and reduces maintenance. CVF4 is a high quality ventilation unit designed to be used with the higher performance Kipp & Zonen solar instruments.

Solar Resource Assessments in South Africa for Concentrated Solar Power Developers

The Department of Energy of the South African Government has established a target for renewable energy production to reach 10,000 GWh by December 2013. Of this, 6,000 GWh is expected to come from mainstream on-grid electricity generation.

Energy Yield Studies and Optimisation of Solar Farms

Measuring the actual potential energy yield at a location is now standard in the wind power industry and is becoming more and more common in the solar industry. For this purpose Ge:Net GmbH of Clausthal-Zellerfeld in Germany has developed a solar measurement station to precisely measure the sola ...

New Whitworth Meteorological Observatory, Manchester, England

The new Whitworth Meteorological Observatory is a fully automated state of the art meteorological observatory located on the campus of The University of Manchester, England, in the centre of the city. It is operated by the School of Earth Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences at the university ...

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