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Published: Wednesday, January 4, 2017 We have a new issue out of our quarterly newsletter and it is a special edition with extra pages. It is filled with customer stories from China, the United States and Sweden, the latest update on the RaZON+ and news from our offices and service points. Also, we launch a world-wide hunt for the oldest Kipp & Zonen pyranometer still in use –and there is a prize for the winning entry!

RaZON+ updates

Last year we launched an innovative new all-in-one solar monitoring system, the RaZON+. By the end of 2016 tests had been finalised, full production started and RaZON+ had reached the first customers. We have just released a second video to explain the benefits of this unique instrument and how to communicate with it using your mobile device. Read more about the testing, connectivity  and video on pages 3 and 9.

Chinese Leading PV project chooses the SOLYS2 for their solar monitoring stations

In pursuit of top level solar energy technology the PV Leader Program was launched in China. This resulted in 13 new PV plants around Datong City in Shanxi province and a central reference site. Each plant is being evaluated with a Kipp & Zonen solar monitoring station based on the well-established SOLYS2 sun tracker. Read more about this exciting project on pages 4 and 5.

A pyranometer on a drone

Drones are becoming more easily available nowadays and are being used for many different purposes. Researchers at Cornell University in New York State are the first to use a drone with a downward facing pyranometer to measure albedo; and they share their first conclusions on pages 6 and 7.

News from our distributors

We are happy to announce our new partnership with In Situ Instrument of Sweden. They may be a new Kipp & Zonen distributor, but they are not new to our products. Read about their experience and expertise on page 8. 

Another new calibration centre

The other big news comes from our UK and Ireland distributor, Equinox Instruments. They are now a fully equipped and trained calibration service point for Kipp & Zonen instruments. If you have a pyranometer in the UK or Ireland, you can now get it calibrated to factory standards without shipping it all the way back to the Netherlands. Read more on page 10.

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