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Kipp & Zonen stands for quality and our instruments are known around the world for their accuracy, reliability and durability. We invest a lot of care and effort into providing you with the best products available on the market, at a range of price and performance points.

Our instruments have an impressively long operating life when properly maintained. We offer a variety of services to support and assist you in optimising the use of our instruments.

Resources include our Customer Support System, Download Center and Knowledge Center with FAQ’s.

Customer Support System

This is the primary way to contact us with questions regarding Kipp & Zonen products. Enquiries can be about topics such as: maintenance, technical issues, applications, installation or choice of products.

Please follow the instructions to register a Support Call and add any relevant attachments, such as files or pictures. You will receive an automated reply to your e-mail address with a unique log-in to access your call and follow progress.

The call will be assigned to the appropriate person to handle it and you will receive a reply within two working days. Every time there is an update to your call you will receive an e-mail notification.

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Regular calibration of all measurement equipment is the key to maintaining the original performance and accuracy. We recommend calibration of the sensitivity of our radiometers every two years.

The individual sensitivity of a Kipp & Zonen radiometer is determined under the measurement conditions stated on its calibration certificate and is valid at the date of first use. If the radiometer is carefully stored in dark, warm and dry conditions and desiccant is changed as required, the sensitivity will not change.


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It is not always necessary to use our Customer Support System for answers to your questions. Many of the more common enquiries, and their answers, can be found in our extensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) database. The database can be searched by word or by product and is regularly updated.

This section also has links to our Knowledge Center, which can be accessed from the website homepage. It contains theoretical information, a glossary of terms, unit calculator, old and new product equivalence, cables and connectors, and more.

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Service & Repair

Kipp & Zonen products are designed for a long operating life and most components, other than consumables used in regular maintenance, do not have a specific life-time.

However, components do degrade or require servicing to maintain optimal performance depending upon age, the operating conditions and maintenance.

It sometimes happens that products become damaged by accident or by extreme conditions (such as lightning strikes). In this case repairs and the replacement of parts will be necessary.

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Firmware & Software Downloads

A number of our products have internal firmware or software for use on a computer. Periodically these may be updated to improve operation or to add extra functionality. These updates are normally free of charge.

This section of the website provides information on the latest updates and how to download and install them.

To download product documentation, such as brochures, instruction sheets and manuals, please go to the Download Center on the website homepage.

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Many of our products have accessories that can be ordered at the time of purchase or can be bought later and fitted by the user. In this section you will find a list of the accessories available and which products they can be used with.

Sales and quotation enquiries for accessories are created by shopping through the product pages and using the 'Get A Quote' tool.

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Training & On-site Installation 

We offer a range of training programmes on-site, at our offices, and at the factory. These cover the principles and techniques of solar radiation measurement, the installation of instruments, their maintenance, calibration and other topics.

We also offer specialised training courses on our atmospheric science instruments, such as the LAS MkII Large Aperture Scintillometer and Brewer MkIII Spectrophotometer.

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Instruction Videos & Webinars

We are producing a number of demonstration videos on the installation and maintenance of our most popular products. They can be viewed or downloaded from this section of the website.

Please check regularly for the latest video releases.

If you think there is a need for a video on a particular topic, please contact us at .

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Download & Knowledge Centers

The Download Center of this website gives access to all our manuals, instruction sheets, software and technical support documents. If you do not find the answer through our support documents, have a look at the  Knowledge Center and its FAQ’s section. If you still can’t find what you need please place a Support Call.



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Discontinued Products

Our passion for precision has led to the development of a large range of high quality instruments. It also means we are continuously looking for improvements and new solutions. Discontinuing instruments from our range is therefore inevitable.

In our Download Center we still provide the manuals of our Discontinued Products. We make our best efforts to support all goods manufactured by us for a period of at least seven years from the date of invoice.

You will find also find information about our discontinued recorders in the download center. The production and sales of recorders, accessories, spare parts and consumable were acquired by Van Renesse Supplies B.V. in 2013 and 2014; email: 

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