Instruction Videos & Webinars

We are continuously producing new demonstration videos on the installation and maintenance of our most popular products. We regularly update this page as well as publishing new videos on our YouTube channel

Furthermore, we organise our own webinars and join as a speaker in third-party webinars, such as this one for Solar Plaza on Weather data & PV plant performance. Keep an eye out for our webinar schedule on the news & events pages. 

Please find below an overview of our instruction videos.

We start with the installation of a full solar monitoring system. It shows you how to set-up the SOLYS2 sun tracker, from opening the box to fitting the sun sensor kit and shading ball assembly. Mounting of a typical set of radiometers is shown; pyrheliometer, pyranometers, pyrgeometer and the CVF4 ventilation unit. Finally, it demonstrates the alignment procedure. You can select a chapter of interest or watch the full video by selecting ‘watch all’. The information also applies to the SOLYS Gear Drive sun tracker.

There is a video showing the installation of the CMP3 pyranometer; but the principles apply to mounting any C/SMP, C/SGR, C/SUV or UVS radiometer on a near-horizontal surface for measuring radiation from the whole sky. If you are using a ventilation unit, look at the CVF4 chapter in the SOLYS2 video.

Another video shows how to mount and adjust the CSD3 sunshine duration sensor using the CMB1 mounting bracket fitted to a pole.

Please note that these videos are not substitutes for the instrument manuals, which we advise you to read carefully before installing any equipment.

Step-by-step guide to the installation of the SOLYS2 sun tracker, accessories, radiometers and CVF4 ventilation unit:

Step by step guide of the installation of the CMP 3 pyranometer:


Step by step guide of the installation of the CSD 3 Sunshine Duration Sensor: