Training & On-Site Installation

We offer a range of training programmes on-site, at our offices, and at the factory. These cover the principles and techniques of solar radiation measurement, the installation of instruments, their maintenance, calibration and other topics. The content and duration of the course can be tailored to the experience of the attendees and the specific products of interest.

We also offer specialised training courses on our atmospheric science instruments, such as the LAS MkII Large Aperture Scintillometer and Brewer MkIII Spectrophotometer.

For sun tracker based solar monitoring stations and the LAS MkII we offer installation, commissioning and training on-site at the customer location. For the Brewer MkIII Spectrophotometer this is normally mandatory and will be included in the sales quotation.

For information and quotations regarding training courses and on-site installation contact your local Kipp & Zonen office or