Over recent years much of the Kipp & Zonen Solar Instruments range has been replaced or updated.  To assist those wishing to buy the latest equivalent to older instruments here is an overview of obsolete models and the current products available.


 CH1  replaced by CHP1 
 SP Lite    replaced by SP Lite2
 CM3    replaced by CMP3
 CM6B  replaced by CMP6
 CM11  replaced by CMP11
 CM11B  replaced by CMP11
 CM21  replaced by CMP21
 CM22  replaced by CMP 22
 CM31 was a CM21 with quartz domes and was replaced by CM 22, and now by CMP22
 CM7B   replaced by CMP6 Albedometer Kit
 CM14  replaced by CMP11 Albedometer Kit
 CM14B  replaced by CMP11 Albedometer Kit
 CMA6  replaced by CMP6 Albedometer Kit
 CMA11  replaced by CMP11 Albedometer Kit
 CG1 and CG3  replaced by CGR3
 CG2     replaced by 2 x CGR3 with optional mounting rod
 CG4  replaced by CGR4
 Net Radiometers
 NR Lite  replaced by NR Lite2
 CNR1 + CNR2  replaced by CNR4
 (and CNR V)  (and CNF4)
 Horticultural Sensors 
 PAR Lite replaced by PQS1 PAR Quantum Sensor 
 UV Radiometers
 CUV3  replaced by CUV5
 CUV4  replaced by CUV5
 UVS-A-T  replaced by SUV-A
 UVS-B-T  replaced by SUV-B
 UVS-E-T  replaced by SUV-E
 UVS-AB-T  replaced by SUV-A + SUV-B
 UVS-AE-T  replaced by SUV-A + SUV-E
 Sunshine Duration Sensors
 CSD1  replaced by CSD3
 CSD2  replaced by CSD3
 Ventilation Unit
 CV2   replaced by CVF4
 CVF3  replaced by CVF4
 Signal Amplifier
 CT24  replaced by AMPBOX
 Solar Integrator
 CC20  replaced by METEON 
 Data Loggers
 CC48           replaced by LOGBOX SE
 LOGBOX  replaced by LOGBOX SE
 LOGBOX SD  replaced by LOGBOX SE
 Sun Tracker
 2AP BD  replaced by SOLYS2
 2AP GD  replaced by SOLYS GD
 CMF2  replaced by CMF4