New RT1 installation video

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Published: Tuesday, September 11, 2018 RT1 is Kipp & Zonen newest Smart Rooftop Monitoring System. It provides a very cost effective measurement solution specially designed for rooftop PV. Not only does it measure solar irradiance in POA but also the panel’s temperature. The RT1 combines two sensors in one system to measure the two biggest influencers of the performance ratio.

The RT1's biggest advantage is the ease of installation. It is designed to fit the corner of a PV panel. You just screw it right on the corner without the need of any tools. However, if the corner is not an option it is also possible to attach it to the side or edges using the mounting plate that comes with every RT1. This video shows you how easy it is. Within a few minutes your RT1 is installed and you are ready to monitor your rooftop PV project.



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