97th AMS Annual Meeting, 2017

97th AMS Annual Meeting, 2017event picture
The 2017 annual meeting of the American Meteorological Society, the largest trade show for the Atmospheric Sciences, will be held in Seattle this time. As usual Kipp & Zonen will be one of the Main Hall exhibitors. From undergraduate students to the top experts in the field of weather, climate, meteorology and atmospheric sciences, we welcome you all!

From January 22 to 26
Location: Seattle

About AMS

The AMS annual meeting is the venue where scientists, educators, students and other professionals from across the weather, water and climate community meet to share, learn and collaborate.

The American Meteorological Society emphasizes that in dealing with numerical weather prediction, climate, situational awareness, economic value of forecasts, societal impacts, the first priority should always be to obtain the necessary observations and information, hence the 2017 meeting theme “Observations Lead the Way”. This ties in perfectly with what Kipp & Zonen can offer you, i.e. top-quality measuring instruments for the measurement of solar radiation and atmospheric science parameters.

How can we assist in your measurement?

You are probably aware that Kipp & Zonen is the expert in the measurement of solar and sky radiation, from the ultraviolet to the far infrared. Kipp & Zonen pyranometers, for example, are used for climate research in meteorological networks around the world. Do you have a specific measuring problem? Our crew will be happy to advise you.

Interested in a turn-key - all-in-one - measurement system?

RaZON+ is an affordable, innovative and user friendly turn-key system. You can measure all components of solar irradiance, i.e. Direct Normal (DNI), Diffuse Horizontal (DHI), calculated Global Horizontal (GHI), and sunshine duration, with one single RaZON+ system.

What is actually new about RaZON+?

  • For the DNI measurement RaZON+ presents a new concept DNI instrument, with inherent low fouling sensitivity
  • The instruments in the system communicate through a Modbus protocol with the on-board microprocessor system. This allows you to connect all kinds of Modbus enabled sensors, such as temperature sensors. You can access the data via Ethernet and RS485 ports
  • RaZON+ offers a complete web interface with data, graphs and status information. You can easily check this on the spot with your smartphone, tablet or laptop via the accessory WiFi adapter

Anything new in atmospheric science?

Indeed, there is. It’s the X-LAS MkII! X-LAS MkII measures over long distances, even up to 12 km. If you are interested in measuring atmospheric turbulence and monitoring Evapo-Transpiration be sure to visit our booth. We will be only too pleased to tell you all about our Large Aperture Scintillometers, the LAS and of course the new X-LAS MkII.

The Kipp & Zonen team hopes to see you at booth # 220 in the Main Exhibition hall !

Apart from RaZON+ and the Scintillometer(s) our range of Smart sensors (SMP pyranometers, SHP1 pyrheliometer and SGR pyrgeometers), our CNR4 and NR Lite net radiometers and the Solys 2 sun tracker will be on display.

So just drop by our booth while on your way to one of the presentations. We would very much like you to share your views on solar radiation measurements with us, but of course you are equally welcome if you are just looking for a friendly chat.

For more information please visit https://annual.ametsoc.org/2017/

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