InterMET Asia 2017

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Focused on Asia, Africa and the Pacific, the InterMET Asia exhibition & conference is a unique opportunity for all those in the public and private sectors interested in the acquisition of weather and climate data. As a class-leading manufacturer of smart measurement solutions for solar radiation and atmospheric parameters, naturally Kipp & Zonen will be represented at this event.

From March 21 to 22

The InterMET 2017 conference

InterMET Asia has expanded its conference program to build a greater understanding of the rapidly growing importance of weather and climate change across the whole of our society. This will involve a single conference program with two distinct presentation themes: InterMET and EWEX.

What can Kipp & Zonen offer you?

At InterMET Asia 2017 we intend to show you a selection of our high quality, very accurate instruments such as our range of Smart pyranometers, our SHP 1 pyrheliometer our SGR 4 pyrgeometer and our SOLYS 2 sun tracker.


If you are a member of the meteorological community in the Asia Pacific area or in Africa, you will no doubt be interested in our new RaZON+, the innovative and user friendly turn-key solution that provides all components of solar irradiance, such as Direct Normal (DNI), Diffuse Horizontal (DHI) and calculated Global Horizontal (GHI), as well as sunshine duration. 

The good news is that being a complete, turnkey system RaZON+ is an affordable expansion of your network!

Particularly interesting features of RaZON+ are the maintenance free Gear Drive sun tracker and the anti-soiling Smart pyrheliometer design. For more details please check:

Where can you find us?

We look forward to seeing you at booth no. C5. Our crew will be happy to answer your questions, discuss your measurement issues and offer solutions. We highly appreciate your views on solar radiation measurements, so if you wish to share these with us, do come and talk to our exhibition crew. You are very welcome!
Solar monitoring starts with accurately measuring solar irradiance with Kipp & Zonen sensors.

For more information on InterMet Asia 2017, the InterMET conference, the EWEX conference, the venue (Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre); and on the early bird registration opportunities, please visit
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