Solar Asset Management Europe 2017

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Soon the summer holidays will be over and before you know it, it will be time for Solar Asset Management, the continent’s pioneering and leading conference fully dedicated to optimization of the operational phase of PV plants & portfolios. As usual Solar Asset Management will conveniently be held at Milan Malpensa Airport. Of course Kipp & Zonen, being market-leader in solar radiation measurement, will be present at this major event.

From November 7 to 08
Location: Sheraton Milan Malpensa, Milan, Italy

About Solar Asset Management

This year already the 5th edition of Solar Asset Management will be hosted at Milan Malpensa. Solar Asset Management is THE must-attend event fully dedicated to the operational phase of PV assets & portfolios where over 50 leading experts will be sharing their vision, expertise and experience. As the European solar industry faces a new era - new business models, consolidation, grid balancing and larger exposure to the electricity market - Solar Asset Management is the place to be.

Why meet Kipp & Zonen?

In recent years Kipp & Zonen has been developing its market-leadership. You will probably have noticed that the speed with which new measurement solutions and instrument updates are being launched has accelerated. This year we proudly present: DustIQ.

New at Kipp & Zonen: DustIQ, the revolutionary soiling alert system!

It’s a known fact that to maintain optimal performance solar panels must be kept clean. This is a labor intensive and costly exercise, whether you are cleaning your panels manually or using an automated robot system. Until now you had no other option than to clean your panels at regular intervals, whether they were dirty or not, whether you’d been losing a lot of energy generation or not. But this is about to change. Kipp & Zonen has developed a new, revolutionary system to monitor soiling in real-time. So, now you can schedule a cleaning run when it is most beneficial and cost-effective.
DustIQ offers you a new way of measuring soiling on PV panels. It is based on unique Optical Soiling Measurement (OSM) technology that we have been working on for the last two years at Kipp & Zonen. DustIQ was launched in May of this year at Intersolar in Munich. Visitors to Intersolar were really impressed by this smart solution, especially in comparison to traditional systems with a reference PV panel that needs to be kept clean all the time. Just clean DustIQ when you clean the arrays of panels that it is monitoring. No extra maintenance required. You can mount DustIQ on the top, at the bottom or in-between panels. You can start with one unit, or have multiple measurement points across a site to monitor the varying soiling rates. DustIQ helps you decide when and where to clean your solar power plant and maximize the performance ratio.

Accuracy is key!

In solar energy, accurately measuring the sun’s radiation is key to finding optimal locations, making informed investment decisions, maximizing operating efficiency, scheduling maintenance, monitoring performance and improving technology; in PV, CPV and CSP. Kipp & Zonen are the experts in developing high quality instruments for the measurement of global, direct, diffuse and plane of array solar radiation. 
Do you want to know if your solar energy project is achieving the targeted performance ratio? From our well-known CMP, and innovative Smart SMP, ranges of pyranometers to the new all-in-one solar monitoring system RaZON+, we offer the best solutions.

Welcome to booth no.19!

Kipp & Zonen is a Gold Sponsor of Solar Asset Management Europe. Together with our Italian distributor Eurelettronica Icas we will be there for you to advise you on solar monitoring solutions and explain the benefits of our instruments. Do you want to find out more on DustIQ, stop by for an interactive demonstration.
And please come and share your insights and requirements with us; your feedback is what we need to create new products and fulfil the current and future expectations of the solar energy industry!

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