Blog: Looking back at Intersolar Europe 2016

Blog: Looking back at Intersolar Europe 2016article picture
Published: Thursday, August 18, 2016 When we started the project to develop an all-in-one solar monitoring solution it was clear from the start that Intersolar Europe would be the best platform for the launch. Looking back the event I can confirm that it was a great decision. Traffic at the booth was high and every single visitor wanted to know the details of this innovative new system, RaZON+.

Product manager proud to present the new RaZON+

As a product manager for Kipp & Zonen I was one of the key members of the development project. I’ve been with Kipp & Zonen for many years and I’ve travelled the world to visit our customers. From China to Canada, from Qatar to Ecuador. So I’m confident to say that I know what the customers are looking for when it comes to solar irradiance measurement. RaZON+ is a good example of answering customers’ needs. It’s affordable, easy to work with and all-in-one!

Monitoring the performance ratio in solar energy

RaZON+ presented at Intersolar Europe

The performance ratio is an important KPI in solar asset management. The new RaZON+ is developed to measure at a high accuracy yet at an attractive price. You can monitor the data on the spot using your smart phone or tablet thanks to a Wi-Fi connection. You can even set-up the system using your phone! These features were well-received at Intersolar Europe in Munich, Germany a few weeks ago. Visitors understand the importance of good measurements and recognised the potential of the RaZON+.

Kipp & Zonen exhibits at Intersolar Europe since 2010

It was Kipp & Zonen’s 7th time to exhibit at Intersolar Europe. I did not miss one. I’ve seen the market grow over the years. From explaining to customers why monitoring is beneficial to customers asking for the most optimal monitoring solution.

Virtual reality experience on the booth

Kipp & Zonen has also grown in its presence from a simple 3 by 3 m booth to a professional 50 sqm booth with interactive displays and this year even a virtual reality experience! With professional VR glasses visitors could go to a virtual world where the RaZON+ was positioned in a big PV plant. If you want to see the RaZON+ yourself, download the RaZON+ (razon plus) app from the App Store or Google Play.   

The story of RaZON+

The launch of RaZON+ also attracted the press. Sun & Wind Energy visited our booth and made a nice video impression of our presence. I told the story of RaZON+ as I did so many times during the 3 days of the exhibition. If you did not have the opportunity to visit Intersolar or missed our booth, you can watch the video below.

I ended the story with the words “RaZON+ is the heart of every PV monitoring system”. Let me explain: the system includes everything you need to measure, log and display solar irradiance. The software offers graphs and data and the output is via Ethernet or the most common protocol in solar energy, Modbus®.

Another great advantage is the possible expansion to a full weather station. If you buy a compact weather station of Lufft for example you can plug it into RaZON+ to expand your data collection with wind speed, direction and temperature for example. Or you can add a Smart Pyranometer in POA or a PV panel temperature sensor.

The next big events for RaZON+ are Solar power International (SPI) in Las Vegas, Intersolar Middle East in Dubai and Meteorology Technology World Expo in Madrid. We hope to see you there.

Click here for more details on the RaZON+.


Blog written by Ruud Ringoir, Product Manager at Kipp & Zonen.
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