Newsletter 38 now available in our download center

Newsletter 38 now available in our download centerarticle picture
Published: Monday, October 3, 2016 Our new CEO kicks off the newsletter with his first column for Kipp & Zonen. In this we have summarized two application examples from customers in solar energy, we introduce our new X-LAS scintillometer and we give you a little more insights on the new RaZON+.

The largest solar energy plant in Norway

ASKO is Norway’s largest wholesaler of groceries and it is in their ambition to make the transiation to a completely sustainable and climate neutral business. They already have 7,000 m2 of solar cells, and a new solar plant of 8,000 m2 is under construction.  ASKO is a true pioneer in the field of solar energy in Norway.  For monitoring the efficiency of their new plant they made the choice for CMP10 pyranometers, ventilated with CVF4 ventilation units. Read the full story on page 3.

New X-LAS MkII Scintillometer with a path length from 1 km to 12 km

As you know, the Kipp & Zonen instrument for measuring atmospheric turbulence and in monitoring Evapo-Transpiration is the LAS. We recently expanded the LAS series by an X-LAS. The maximum range of the standard LAS MkII is 4.5 km, but our new X-LAS MkII measures heat fluxes up to 12 km! Furthermore, X-LAS MkII can be combined with a microwave scintillometer to provide direct measurements of both sensible heat and latent heat fluxes averaged over a large area. Read more on page 4 and 5.

The Nitty-Gritty on our New RaZON+

We have listed all details of RaZON+  for you on page 6 of this newsletter. One of the best characteristics of RaZON+: it is a complete Solar Monitoring Station. It tracks the sun, a pyrheliometer measures direct normal irradiance and a shaded pyranometer measures diffuse horizontal irradiance. On the basis of of these data the system automatically calculates the global horizontal irradiance and sunshine duration. What's more, data logging is integrated!

We conclude the newsletter with the Nor-Cal Controls’ new Tahoe® Met Station that includes the Kipp & Zonen SMP11 smart pyranometer.

Newsletter 38 is now available to download, so don’t hesitate and click here.

 SMP11 in Nor-Cal Controls

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