Blog : MTX visitors embrace RaZON+ as the next step in solar irradiation measurement

Blog : MTX visitors embrace RaZON+ as the next step in solar irradiation measurementarticle picture
Published: Tuesday, October 11, 2016 The MTX (Meteorology Technology World Expo) in Madrid has proven to be a true global event, attracting more visitors and exhibitors than years before. Business partners from Australia to Peru and Canada visited the booth to explore new products and business opportunities.

With a high interest on new product-market combinations, for example the X-LAS Mk II filled a gap. The product sets a new price / quality standard to measure heatfluxes and is especially well positioned for specialized applications, such as urban pollution, forest fires and hydrology projects.

RaZON+ well received at MTX

Kipp & Zonen booth at MTX2015The biggest attraction however was the new RaZON+ which appealed greatly to all participants of the meteorological conference. Many engineers and scientist visiting the MTX reviewed the capacities of this new solution that brings solar irradiation measurement into the next stage. The light, robust structure, its data logging and instrument integration capacities and new possibilities to calculate relevant results launched a promises a challenging, new roadmap for many visitors.


 An integrated solution

Alliances offered themselves to use this new intelligent hub in their innovation roadmap, which will surely lead to additional meteorology solutions for end users with yet unexpected opportunities. Our R&D team meanwhile has set to work to fine-tune our RaZON+ with latest requirements and review the integration opportunities offered at the MTX.

My first impressions

Being a newcomer to the Industry, though experienced in high tech Industries, it was fascinating to see what concrete interest visitors had for new innovations and product application. End users take the Kipp & Zonen products and turn the reliable instruments into complete new applications. A French researcher for example came by to explain the solution he designed to turn our solar irradiation instruments into avalange prediction system, adding his own software to come to a reliable outcome.

This and many similar examples confirmed that the Meteo and Solar Industries provide for an inspiring environment I look forward to participate in the years to come. 

The announcement of my new position at Kipp & Zonen also reached the camera crew of the organizers of MTX. Look out for the video interview on the event website and our YouTube channel

Blog written by Erik Valks, CEO of Kipp & Zonen

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