Solar Asset Management Europe 2018

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On 23 October Solar Asset Management, the main European event addressing asset management and O&M issues in operational PV, will open its doors. As usual Solar Asset Management will be held at a convenient location, the Sheraton Milan Malpensa Airport Hotel & Conference Centre. Being market leader in solar radiation monitoring Kipp & Zonen will be glad to participate in this MUST-attend event with the support of Eurelettronica Icas, our distributor in Italy.

From October 23 to 24
Location: Sheraton Milan Malpensa, Milan, Italy

About Solar Asset Management

Solarplaza will host the 6th annual edition of Solar Asset Management Europe, a pre-eminent conference dedicated to optimization of the operational phase of PV plants and portfolios. This conference unites the leading players active in the European solar market, including asset/portfolio managers, IPPs, utilities, investors, (O&M) service providers, manufacturers, developers and advisors roof. Solar Asset Management Europe enables you to learn more about the key topics addressing the technical and financial realms of operational solar PV. It’s a meeting hub for the industry and an excellent opportunity to gain additional insights into the fundamental and cutting-edge topics of solar PV operations.

You’ll want to meet Kipp & Zonen because

  • Kipp & Zonen is market leader in high quality instruments for solar radiation monitoring
  • the Kipp & Zonen SMP series of smart pyranometers is a perfect match for solar energy systems as these pyranometers have digital signal processing and interfaces optimized for industrial data acquisition and control systems.
  • apart from Smart pyranometers Kipp & Zonen offers Smart pyrheliometers (SHP1) to be mounted on SOLYS sun trackers, but also an all-in one solar radiation monitoring system, RaZON+
  • Kipp & Zonen continues to invest in innovation; the latest additions to the Kipp & Zonen product range are DustIQ and RT1. Go check these out!

DustIQ, the revolutionary soiling alert system!

We recently introduced DustIQ, a new, revolutionary system to monitor soiling in real-time, based on unique Optical Soiling Measurement (OSM). This enables you to schedule a cleaning run when it is most beneficial and cost-effective.
This smart solution is really impressive, especially in comparison with traditional systems consisting of a reference PV panel that needs to be kept clean all the time. A clear benefit of DustIQ is that it does not require any maintenance; just clean it when you clean the arrays of panels that it is monitoring.
DustIQ helps you decide when and where to clean your solar power plant and enables you to maximize its performance ratio.

RT1 rooftop PV monitoring system

In 2017 we developed RT1 the new smart monitoring system for rooftop PV. Clear advantages of RT1 are that it’s easy to install because of its unique design and plug-in temperature sensor; and that it is low-priced.

Welcome to booth # 16!

Kipp & Zonen is a Sponsor of Solar Asset Management Europe. The Kipp & Zonen team will be waiting for you at booth # 16 to answer your questions and to assist you on any solar monitoring issues. Do you want to find out more on DustIQ, stop by for an interactive demonstration.

We’d appreciate it very much if you’d share your insights and (future) requirements with us; your valuable feedback is what we need to meet the expectations of the solar energy industry!

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