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On 17 and 18 November MENA Solar Asset Management will take place in downtown Dubai. MENA Solar Asset Management is a strategic platform for the MENA region's solar PV industry focused on the operational phase of solar plants and portfolios. We are a main sponsor of this MUST attend event addressing asset management and O&M issues in solar energy in the Middle East and North Africa. We will be pleased to present to you our solar monitoring solutions and share insights from our latest research.

From October 30 to 30
Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

About Solar Asset Management

Solar Asset Management Europe has come back stronger and more impactful in 2019. Solar Asset Management is fully dedicated to ensuring optimal operations of PV assets and portfolios. It represents the entire value chain from investors to asset managers and service providers. Solar Asset Management Europe is the place for you to learn more about the key topics addressing the various technical and financial issues relating to operational solar PV. It’s a meeting hub for the industry and an excellent opportunity to gain further insights into the fundamental and cutting-edge topics of solar PV operations.

OTT HydroMet represented by Kipp & Zonen and Lufft

At Solar Asset Management Kipp & Zonen will represent OTT HydroMet together with Lufft. Both Kipp & Zonen and Lufft, but also Gengenbach Instruments, invite you to visit us at booth 14. Our combined expertise will be at your disposal and high quality solar monitoring instruments will be on display. 

All weather conditions and soiling monitored 

To know the impact of environmental conditions on solar power generation, Kipp & Zonen andLufft offer the perfect set-up. Measurement of GHI and POA irradiance, wind speed and direction, air temperature, module temperature and soiling. 

We offer measuring instruments for all weather parameters that effect your plant’s performance ratio. Our smart pyranometers, compact weather stations and DustIQ soiling monitoring system can send all data by Modbus® directly to your site management system.

Check out these high performance instruments.

WS600-UMB Smart Weather Sensor

WS600-UMB Smart Weather Sensor is a compact all-in-one weather sensor with integrated ventilated radiation protection for measuring air temperature, relative humidity, precipitation intensity, precipitation type, precipitation quantity, air pressure, wind direction and wind speed.

This Smart Weather Sensor’s many highlights are: all-in-one weather sensor, low power, heater, aspirated radiation shield, maintenance-free operation and an open communication protocol. WS600 has various interfaces, i.e. RS485 with supported protocols UMB-Binary, UMB-ASCII, Modbus-RTU, Modbus-ASCII, XDR and SDI-12.

DustIQ, the revolutionary soiling alert system!

DustIQ enables you to schedule a cleaning run when it is most beneficial and cost-effective. It helps you decide when to clean your solar panels to maximizing the performance ratio of your plant.
DustIQ is a smart solution, especially in comparison with traditional systems with a reference PV panel that needs to be kept clean all the time. A clear benefit of DustIQ is that it does not require any maintenance; just clean DustIQ when you clean the arrays of solar panels it is monitoring.

GHI and POA pyranometers 

Knowing the solar irradiance both horizontal and tilted is key to decision making in asset management and O&M.Our Smart pyranometers are a perfect match for solar energy systems as these instruments have digital signal processing and interfaces optimized for industrial data acquisition and control systems. 

Our portfolio also contains the all-in one solar radiation monitoring system, RaZON+ and the RT1 rooftop PV monitoring system.

Welcome to booth # 14

Kipp & Zonen and Lufft are Gold Sponsors of Solar Asset Management Europe. The Kipp & Zonen and Lufft teams hope to see you in Frankfurt. We will be there to answer your questions and help you select the best measurement solution. Of course you are also welcome for a friendly chat. Do stop by and share your insights and (future) requirements with us. Your valuable feedback is what we need to meet the expectations of the solar energy industry!

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