Intersolar & Energy Storage North America 2022

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2022 kicks off with a bang. Intersolar North America and Energy Storage North America come together for the first time in person, connecting an unmatched variety across professionals across the renewable energy industry.

From January 13 to 15
Location: Long Beach, CA

The demand for solar energy does not cease to grow. In the U.S. alone, the solar capacity is expected to triple from 100 GW in early 2021 until 2026 and quadruple by 2030, according to forecasts from Wood Mackenzie. The extension of the Investment Tax Credit until the end of 2022 will help to foster solar growth. In such a dynamic environment, accurate and trusted monitoring solutions are sought-after.

This makes an ideal setting for OTT HydroMet to present its comprehensive portfolio of environmental monitoring solutions built on well-established brands Kipp & Zonen and Lufft including the soiling monitoring system DustIQ and complete weather stations for designed for PV purposes. See how all instruments seamlessly come together in a well-integrated monitoring system. On top of that, we put the spot on our new pyranometer, the Kipp & Zonen SMP12.

Considering atmospheric influences is key to comprehend and predict the performance of a solar PV plant. Meet you at booth 2227.

About Intersolar North America and Energy Storage North America

Intersolar North America (ISNA) and Energy Storage North America (ESNA), North America’s premier solar + storage conferences and exhibitions, come together for the first time in January 2022 in Long Beach, California to advance our clean energy future. The combined events will connect installers, developers, utilities, technology providers, policy makers, and key stakeholders from around the world through innovative programs, networking events, and exhibits that maximize learning and deal-making.

New from Kipp & Zonen: SMP12!

The new ISO- and IEC-compliant SMP12 is industry's first fast response spectrally flat Class A pyranometer that combines solid-state dome heating, with no moving parts, and best-in-class surge protection to maximize accuracy and minimize maintenance. Optimize production and reduce your total cost of ownership.

The SMP12 combines proven sensor and diffuser technology from the RaZON+ PH1 and PR1 radiometers with an enhanced version of the Smart interface and the low maintenance of the SMP10. The SMP12 has an internal drying cartridge that will last for at least 10 years if the housing is not opened. This further reduces maintenance significantly.

Additional features:

  • Tilt sensor to enable remote checks of whether the pyranometer mounting alignment has been disturbed.
  • Internal humidity monitor to provide confidence that the sealing has not been compromised, for example by an accidental impact. When accuracy matters, measure with Kipp & Zonen!

The new SMP12: Pioneering technology to maximize accuracy and minimize maintenance.

Welcome to booth 2227!

Solar demand is surging. Modern PV plants need fast responding precise solutions that are easy to install and integrate, ones that will last. Sustain your site for the long haul with high-quality components made to endure. Discover the design and durability it takes to accurately measure solar irradiance and other atmospheric parameters, that collect reliable data for predictable plant profitability!

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