Calibrating KNMI's Brewer MkIII

Calibrating KNMI's Brewer MkIIIarticle picture
Published: Monday, July 6, 2009 In June, Kipp & Zonen’s Brewer engineers visited the headquarters of the Royal Netherlands Metrological Institute (KNMI) in De Bilt to service and calibrate one of their Brewers. This is a Brewer MkIII that was delivered by Kipp & Zonen a few years ago. This Brewer is used, along with an older MkIII Brewer, to provide accurate Ozone and spectral UV data for the Netherlands.

The work was divided into two parts, the service check and the calibration. During the service check we reviewed the Brewer, its operation and its data.

The Brewer was in a very good state; therefore maintenance work was limited to replacing the original gaskets and seals with the latest versions, for optimal protection of the Brewer against humidity.

For the calibration our reference Brewer was placed next to the KNMI Brewer. Ozone measurements were compared over a period of 4 days for the Ozone calibration. Several lamp tests were also done for the UV calibration. All data was compared with the original factory test data, so that any changes in the instrument’s behavior can be detected, and only small differences were found.

Thanks to our service and calibration, the KNMI can be assured that their Brewer provides accurate Ozone and spectral UV data.

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