New Total UV Radiometer

New Total UV Radiometerarticle picture
Published: Monday, January 18, 2010 Kipp & Zonen launches the CUV 5. An improvement of the popular CUV 4 ‘total’ ultraviolet radiometer.

The ultraviolet region of the solar spectrum covers the wavelength ranges 100-280nm (UVC), 280-315nm (UVB) and 315-400nm (UVA). Kipp & Zonen offers radiometers for the specific ranges. However, for many applications it is only necessary to monitor the ‘total UV’ irradiance. For this we have the new CUV 5.

The only difference from the CUV 4 is the material of the dome. This is a glass with significantly better transmission in the UVB than the glass used in the CUV 4. The CUV 5 has greater sensitivity to UVB radiation, particularly at wavelengths shorter than 300nm.

CUV 5 is a direct replacement for the CUV 4 with no increase in price.

For more details visit the product page and/or download the UV Radiometer brochure here.


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