Pyranometers integrated in the turnkey solar monitoring stations of GroundWork Renewables

Pyranometers integrated in the turnkey solar monitoring stations of GroundWork Renewablesarticle picture
Published: Wednesday, November 24, 2010 GroundWork Renewables Inc. has been a Kipp & Zonen customer for a number of years utilizing multiple solar instruments for a variety of meteorological observation stations. GroundWork provides field meteorological services to support solar resource assessments required for developing utility-scale wind and solar energy projects. Their core competency is the installation and maintenance of observation resource assessment stations.

For clients looking at utility-scale Photovoltaic solar monitoring stations which measure global irradiance, they utilize the Kipp & Zonen CMP Pyranometer line for reliable data to support the economics of the proposed project.

For clients interested in Concentrated Solar Thermal or Concentrated Photovoltaic solar projects, GroundWork creates a robust, high performance station using Kipp & Zonen pyranometers, the Solys 2 and the CHP 1 normal incidence pyrheliometer. The station also includes wind, precipitation, RH, and temperature and a remote power unit. Recently GroundWork completed 10 of these station installations in the South Western United States for a major solar technology provider; they are now using the resulting data to negotiate power purchase agreements with utilities.   

David Siskind of GroundWork says: “When a client asks for a top of the line solar monitoring station, we design our system using Kipp & Zonen products such as the CMP 11, CMP 21, Solys 2 and CHP 1 NIP. The equipment is of superior and proven quality comprising a significant component in our turnkey station designs.”

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