Our new scintillometer: LAS MkII

Our new scintillometer: LAS MkIIarticle picture
Published: Monday, August 1, 2011 Need continuous measurements of sensible heat fluxes over path lengths from 100m up to 4.5 km? The new LAS MkII scintillometer provides just that. With a very straight forward measurement process and much faster results. Since only limited power is required, in most cases a simple solar charged battery is sufficient.

LAS MkII is a large aperture scintillometer for energy balance studies and evaporation monitoring. The measurement technique is based on the scintillation phenomenon. Heat fluxes cause variations in the refractive index of the atmosphere. The scintillometer detects these variations using a pulsed beam of infrared light which is emitted by the transmitter and detected by the receiver. From the scintillation measurements the sensible heat flux and evapo-transpiration can be derived.

In this age of wireless communication, being able to monitor and control your measurements remotely is of increasing importance. Thanks to our data acquisition systems with telemetry solutions this is now made easy. LAS Mk II has internal digital processing that automatically computes all relevant parameters, such as Cn2 and the sensible heat flux. The built-in data logger stores several months of measurements.

A digital interface allows for remote real-time display of data and full control over the instruments operational settings. In addition, analogue outputs are available to connect the instrument to almost any type of data acquisition system. This allows for easy integration into new or existing measurement networks.

The LAS MkII replaces the previous version of our LAS scintillometer for path lengths up to 4.5 km.

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