SMP Starter Set for demonstration, evaluation and testing

SMP Starter Set for demonstration, evaluation and testingarticle picture
Published: Monday, June 4, 2012 The recently released SMP series of smart pyranometers offers a lot of extra features compared to the CMP series because of the integrated micro-controller and the RS-485 interface with Modbus® protocol. We have received many enquiries from customers who would like to evaluate the possibilities available, or to be able to use the new pyranometers in the field with a laptop computer to make comparisons with installed pyranometers, or for laboratory measurements and demonstrations.

To facilitate these applications we have created the SMP Starter Set that is perfect for demonstration, evaluation and testing. The SMP3 Starter Set has a convenient carrying case with the smart pyranometer and everything that you need to connect it to a USB port of your computer.

The SMP3 Starter Set contains:

  • SMP3 smart pyranometer with 10 m cable
  • RS-485 to USB isolated converter with USB cable for computer
  • CVP 2 universal 12 VDC power supply; with 100–240 VAC input and European, UK, USA and Australian mains plug adapters
  • Connection wires and terminal strips
  • Printed SMP instruction sheet and calibration certificate
  • CD with SMP instruction sheet, manual and Windows™ software
  • CD with RS-485 to USB converter drivers for Windows™
  • Instructions and wiring diagram for connecting SMP pyranometer, converter, CVP 2 and computer
  • Robust carrying case

The Starter Set is also available without a smart pyranometer so that you can choose your own combination of radiometer and cable length, or so that you can use one starter set with several smart pyranometers (for example to configure them).

To demonstrate a reasonable signal from the SMP pyranometer when using artificial light, a halogen desk lamp is advised. The average light level in an office or laboratory environment is less than 10 W/m2. A 20 Watt halogen lamp at a distance of 10-20 cm can give you an irradiance of 500 W/m2 or more.

The new SMP pyranometers are equipped with an extremely low power Smart Interface that provides industry standard digital and amplified analogue outputs within the well-known CMP series housings. The sensitivity is programmed so that all SMP pyranometers have identical output ranges, allowing easy installation and exchange for recalibration.

RS-485 Modbus® communication allows access to measurement data, instrument status, operating parameters and calibration history. The Smart Interface also corrects for sources of inaccuracy inherent in thermopile pyranometers.

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