Online data of a CMP 11 pyranometer at Bakker & Co

Online data of a CMP 11 pyranometer at Bakker & Coarticle picture
Published: Tuesday, July 10, 2012 Since 2012 the weather station at the facility of Bakker & Co includes a Kipp & Zonen pyranometer. They have chosen a CMP 11 because it corresponds with the meteorological network of the Netherlands. But also because of the waterproof socket that allows for wide variety of applications and years of usability with little maintenance.

This CMP11 pyranometer requires no power and provides a low voltage output of 0-20 mV proportional to the incoming solar radiation. The weather station at Bakker & Co is for own measurements and to gain experience with such equipment. But it also is an example to customers of our capabilities. The long term data is stored by a data logger and available online on

Bakker & Co has been our distributor for the Benelux since April 2010 and is market leader for meteorological instruments in this area. They serve districts, local authorities and governmental institutes such as the Dutch Marine. But also companies in meteorology, agronomy, processing, at harbours and of course in solar energy. They build customised high quality meteorological systems that comply with the highest standards to provide long term and reliable measurements. That makes Bakker & Co a great match with Kipp & Zonen.



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