UVIATOR – UV Irradiance Correction Software

UVIATOR – UV Irradiance Correction Softwarearticle picture
Published: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 Each UVS radiometer is supplied with extensive factory calibration data files and our unique UVIATOR software package. These files allow manual correction of the data to minimize errors. However, UVIATOR takes this a step further by carrying out the process automatically and providing graphical visualization of the results.

Combining UVIATOR software with the spectral characteristics of the radiometer in the calibration files, corrects the mismatch between the actual instrument response and the ideal sensor response. This enables further corrections to be made to compensate for changing atmospheric conditions that influence the UV spectrum.

The correction methodology is based on an atmosphere transmission model. UVIATOR calculates the air mass for each stored measurement and retrieves from the internet the appropriate Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) satellite. This satellite gives the total Ozone column density based on position (longitude and latitude) and time.

Using UVIATOR typically reduces the measurement uncertainty by a factor of two.

By clicking this link you’ll be able to download the UVIATOR software.

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