A New Brewer for Korea

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Published: Friday, April 5, 2013 At the end of January, our Brewer specialist David Godoy visited Korea to install a new Brewer MkIII Spectrophotometer. Here he tells us about his trip.

 “There is already a wide Brewer network spread around the world and South Korea is one of the countries supporting the network with several Brewers. The Korean Meteorological Administration (KMA) has recently acquired a new Brewer to be located at Anmyeon Island, which is 200 km south of Seoul.

In December last year three of the staff from the Korea Global Atmosphere Watch Center (KGAWC) visited Delft to see their new Brewer and to undertake an in-depth training course about the operation and maintenance of the instrument. The next step was to visit them to install and commission it.

I flew to Korea in order to install Brewer #213 at the KGAWC Observatory, and to give training to the people involved with the Brewer. I have to say that I greatly appreciated all the support that was given to me by Danny Lee (Hanway) and Jung Mi Lee (KMA), they were willing to make my time there as comfortable as possible and they made me feel really at home.

Over the two first days, I set the new Brewer in place, checked that everything was in order and performed some final adjustments. On the third day I started the training and helped them to tackle some problems with their older Brewer #161 so that they could install it on the roof once again.

After solving the issues with #161 and making sure that the new #213 was doing well we went to Puhang City (400 km away) for the last two days, to troubleshoot Brewer #095 which was working poorly. Thanks to help from Danny, Jung and the rest of the team we managed to diagnose the problem and find a solution so that the old #095 could work again.

I left Korea exhausted but with a very good feeling, satisfied from having done a good job; I am really looking forward to returning to Korea to see such friendly people again.”

With thanks to our Brewer distributor for South Korea, Hanway Trading Co. Ltd. of Seoul

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