Biennial Calibration of the Ankara Brewer Station

Biennial Calibration of the Ankara Brewer Stationarticle picture
Published: Monday, January 13, 2014 In October 2013 our product engineer for the Brewer Spectrophotometer travelled to Ankara for the on-site calibration of the DMI (Turkisch State Meteorological Service) Brewer MkIII.

DMI is a member of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) and makes meteorological observations and forecasts and issues severe weather warnings for land, air and sea. DMI uses various remote sensing systems and prediction models, including a Brewer Spectrophotometer to make Ultraviolet radiation and Total Ozone Column measurements. It is installed on top of the main DMI building in Ankara and has been in operation since December 2006.

The Ankara Brewer station is included in the network of instruments supplying data the World Ozone and UV Data Centre (WOUDC) of the WMO Global Atmosphere Watch. To ensure that WOUDC is receiving reliable and traceable data it is a requirement of WMO that Brewers are calibrated at least every two years against an approved reference (travelling standard) Brewer. For this visit the Kipp & Zonen reference Brewer MkIII and UV calibration equipment were shipped to Ankara.

Our product engineer David thanks the people of DMI and our distributor Elite for their hospitality and assistance “The Brewer was in perfect condition and very well maintained, so the calibration was very easy. I was able to complete the full calibration service in less than 4 days. Of course the great weather with clear sky helped, because calibration of Ozone can’t be done on cloudy days.”









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