New accessory for the SOLYS 2 sun tracker

New accessory for the SOLYS 2 sun trackerarticle picture
Published: Thursday, December 4, 2008 In response to requests from the solar energy industry, Kipp & Zonen has now developed a small top mounting plate for the SOLYS 2 sun tracker. This allows the SOLYS 2 to be configured as a compact and cost-effective portable system for 'solar prospecting' field measurements that can run from 2 x 12 V batteries.

For solar energy systems with PV panels or thermal solar concentrators that move to follow the sun, the diffuse radiation is not so important and can be calculated from the direct and global radiation values with sufficient accuracy. The CHP 1 pyrheliometer on the SOLYS 2 measures the direct irradiance and a CMP pyranometer mounted on the top, using the new small mounting plate, measures the global radiation. 

If required, the CVF 3 ventilation unit can be used with the pyranometer and the battery powered LOGBOX SD data logger is ideal to record the information.

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