It is all in the name… CNF 4, CVF4, CMF4

It is all in the name… CNF 4, CVF4, CMF4article picture
Published: Monday, April 7, 2014 Last year Kipp & Zonen introduced a new ventilation unit, the CVF4, which replaced the CVF 3. Since then we've had a few cases where a mistake was made in ordering, as the CVF4 and the CNF 4 look so much alike in their names.

But not their shapes! CNF 4 is the ventilation unit for the four component Net radiometer CNR 4, hence the N in the product name.

CVF4 is the ventilation unit for pyranometers, pyrgeometers and the CUV5 sensor.

CVF4 is a ventilation unit, which can be used for Various instruments, with a capital V in the name.

Last but not least, we changed the shape of the mounting fixture for the ventilation unit, such that it also matches the new asymmetric model.

Thus CMF2 has recently been replaced by the CMF4, with a M for Mounting in its name.

Indeed, it is slightly confusing, but with the usage in mind, the correct capitals will logically follow.

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