Important: Packing Instructions SOLYS 2 Sun Tracker

Important: Packing Instructions SOLYS 2 Sun Trackerarticle picture
Published: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 In case you are going to ship or transport a SOLYS 2 sun tracker, or if you have to return it to Kipp & Zonen for service, proper packaging is critical to prevent possible damage to the azimuth and zenith drive shafts and bearings, the side plates or the GPS antenna.

Over the years, there have been three types of packing for the SOLYS 2:

  1. Early SOLYS 2 units were shipped in a wooden box with foam inlays for shock protection. If this all is in good condition it can be reused.
  2. After this, the packing was a small carton without handles and with non-reusable foam inside. This type should not be reused.
  3. Nowadays, the SOLYS 2 is shipped in a rugged large carton box that has two plastic carrying handles. If the box and the moulded foam inlays are in good condition these can be reused.

Kipp & Zonen strongly recommends to only use the wooden box with foam inlays (option 1) or the latest rugged carton box (option 3) for the transportation of the SOLYS 2. 

If you do not have one of these, please order a new set of the latest type packing materials from your distributor, from our sales offices or from Kipp & Zonen in Delft. Kipp & Zonen will send you these items free of charge (1 x part no. 4483405 [carton box 660 x 400 x 510], 2 x part no. 4483413 [heavy duty handle for box], 1 x part no. ‘Samples’ [set of moulded foam inlays for box]).

When a SOLYS 2 is shipped back to Kipp & Zonen, please make sure proper insurance is arranged. Kipp & Zonen shall not accept any responsibilities for damages to a SOLYS 2 during transportation. 

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