SOLYS 2 Sun Tracker Instruction Video

SOLYS 2 Sun Tracker Instruction Videoarticle picture
Published: Monday, January 19, 2015 How to install a SOLYS 2 sun tracker? Of course you can find it step by step in the manual, but our new instruction video makes it even easier! It takes you through all the steps from the tripod stand set up to the alignment to the sun in one comprehensive video. For your convenience the video has been split into different chapters.

You can choose to watch the full video or select one of the following chapters in the main menu if you’re looking for a specific procedure and want to skip the rest:

  • Installation of the sun sensor
  • Installation of the pyrheliometer
  • Installation of the shading ball assembly
  • Installation of the pyranometer
  • Installation of the ventilation unit
  • Checking the CVF4 ventilation unit filter
  • Connecting the SOLYS 2 sun tracker to power
  • Aligning the SOLYS 2 sun tracker
  • Adjusting the shading ball assembly
  • Connection and alignment of the sun sensor


The sections on mounting a pyranometer, pyrgeometer or CVF4 ventilation unit show the shading ball assembly mounting plate as the support platform. However, the procedures are the same when mounting the instruments on any suitable horizontal, stable surface.

Please remember that the video is an aid to assembly and installation. It is not a substitute for reading the manuals!

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