How to work with the new SOLYS Gear Drive

How to work with the new SOLYS Gear Drive article picture
Published: Monday, July 13, 2015 Earlier this year we launched our new SOLYS Gear Drive sun tracker. This is the best performing tracker in demanding weather conditions and locations. With its unmatched payload it can carry multiple and heavy instruments. Moreover, it has such high torque that it easily breaks ice that can build up overnight in extremely cold climates. But how can you work with the new SOLYS Gear Drive?

The manual can now be found as a free download on our website from the SOLYS Gear Drive product page. It takes you through all the steps to install and set-up the tracker. From site preparation to the connection of AC/DC power, and including all the standard and optional accessories and mountings. Many of these will be familiar from the SOLYS 2 sun tracker but, new, is a large side mounting plate for multiple pyrheliometers, or a mix of instruments such as absolute cavity radiometers.

The SOLYS Gear Drive comes with the new SOLYSMonitor software, also downloadable from the product webpage. The manual uses screenshot images to show you how to work with it. SOLYSMonitor allows remote monitoring and logging of the tracker status, sun zenith and azimuth angles, GPS time and date, and more.

The software can also be used to set the RS-485 and Ethernet communication parameters, such as fixed or manual IP address and baud rate. The integrated Web Interface can be used to visualise (get and set) operational parameters, download history log files or upload new firmware when available.


The SOLYS Gear Drive is easy to install and work with and does not need any maintenance.

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