New ALL-IN-ONE Solar Monitoring Station: RaZON+

New ALL-IN-ONE Solar Monitoring Station: RaZON+article picture
Published: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 RaZON+, our new all-in-one Solar Monitoring System, was launched at Intersolar Europe in Munich this week. It is a competitively priced, yet very accurate, system to measure Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI) and Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance (DHI) and calculate Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI), all at a high level of accuracy. RaZON+ outperforms all rotating shadow band and shadow mask systems on the market and is unique in its soiling resistant design that maximises data availability.

It was customer feedback that inspired the RaZON+ development, as well as many years of engineering experience and decades of scientific knowledge.

RaZON+ is a turn-key system for solar radiation monitoring that consists of a sun tracking device equipped with GPS and new Smart sensors; together with built-in data logging. It is characterized by both innovative design and user-friendliness.

Innovative design

RaZON+ uses a new and unique design of integrated Smart pyrheliometer to measure the direct normal irradiance and a shaded Smart pyranometer for diffuse radiation measurements. These temperature corrected intelligent sensors with digital signal processing have a fast response time and are integrated parts of the system. Innovative features minimize the effects of soiling when operating unattended in remote locations, without compromising the high accuracy of the measurements.

RaZON+ not only provides DNI, DHI and GHI in W/m2; but also sunshine duration, total energy in kWh/m2, sun position and GPS information. All the measured and calculated data is stored in the internal data logger and also available in real-time.


RaZON+ is easy to install and operate; and requires hardly any maintenance. The system uses its GPS receiver to track the sun from dawn to dusk and automatically stores accurately time-stamped measured and calculated data. Thanks to Ethernet and RS-485 interfaces, RaZON+ can easily be integrated into the systems of any solar energy plant to access data.

An extra Modbus® input allows the measurement capabilities to be easily extended with the connection of a compact weather station, tilted SMP pyranometer or PV panel temperature sensor.

RaZON+ offers a complete interface with data, graphs and status information. You can also easily check this on the spot with your smartphone, tablet or laptop via Wi-Fi and RaZON+ is compatible with our new Suncertainty App.


Some of the PLUS-es of RaZON+ are:

  • Turn-key solution
  • Maintenance-free gear drive sun tracker
  • Unique anti-soiling Smart pyrheliometer design for DNI
  • New Smart shaded pyranometer for DHI
  • Calculated GHI, energy in kWh/m2 and sunshine duration
  • Internal data logging
  • Real-time data output
  • Connection of additional Modbus® sensors
  • Wi-Fi for local checks
  • Best price / performance ratio

RaZON+for every solar energy application

You will find that RaZON+ is a great tool for resource mapping, prospecting new locations for solar plants, calculating performance ratios, maximizing operating efficiency, scheduling maintenance and monitoring plant performance.

RaZON+ allows you to make the high quality measurements now being demanded by investors in the solar energy industry who realize that it is necessary to know the exact ratio of power generated to the actual incoming solar radiation.

This data is essential for the daily operation of a solar energy plant, but more importantly, it is a clear indication of the fundamental value of the plant and provides essential knowledge for future investments.

Would you like to get more information on RaZON+, such as price and delivery time, or an official quotation? Our world-wide distributor network is at your disposal. Find your local distributor or Kipp & Zonen office here.

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