On-site Wi-Fi connection with RaZON+

On-site Wi-Fi connection with RaZON+article picture
Published: Friday, January 6, 2017 Our new ALL-IN-ON solar monitoring system RaZON+ has many unique features. A key point for ease of use is the ability to connect wirelessly to a RaZON+ on site, using your smart mobile device. Our new video shows you how to connect with your RaZON+ and demonstrates how you can interact with it.

With any device

RaZON+ has an accessory Wi-Fi adapter available, to enable set-up and configuration using any smart device. You can check the system status and daily irradiance graphs on-site and in real-time. Whether you have your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer to hand, just turn on your Wi-Fi and find the RaZONXXXXXX network (XXXXXX is the serial number).  Enter the password, hit ‘join’ and you are now connected.

User interface dashboard

Use a browser to go to razon.nl and it will start the state-of-the-art interactive user interface inside the RaZON+. It opens with a ‘Dashboard’ overview of the system status and a graph showing the three recorded solar irradiance components; direct, diffuse and global. The menu button expands to show a number of options for interacting with the system. Selecting ‘Instrument Status’ displays more detailed information.

Installation and final adjustment

In the ‘Installation’ menu you can carry out the set-up of the RaZON+. By selecting ‘Azimuth Fine’ you can make the final adjustment of the azimuth alignment on the sun. To minimise errors it is best to do this within a couple of hours of noon. Use the left and right movement buttons to rotate the RaZON+ until the spot image of the sun is aligned on the pyrheliometer target hole. Now you are good to go!


Irradiance graph

Back in the ‘Dashboard’ display, the graph can be zoomed to focus on a particular measurement time-frame and you can choose to show any one or two, or all three, of the irradiance components.  

More features

There are also menus for:

  • Logging – the export format of logged data,
  • Device Configuration – the sensors connected to the RaZON+,
  • System Configuration – operating mode, RS-485 communication parameters, time zone for data logger time stamp,
  • Operating System – hardware and software versions and serial number,
  • Contact – how to get in touch with Kipp & Zonen.

Keep an eye on our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/kippzonen for more videos about RaZON+ features.

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