More insights into RaZON+ in the latest newsletter

More insights into RaZON+ in the latest newsletterarticle picture
Published: Saturday, April 1, 2017 The second quarter of 2017 has started and that means a new edition of our newsletter is out. In this edition you can read stories from customers in Germany and Italy, who share their first experiences of working with our new solar monitoring system; RaZON+. There is an interview between our physicist and a solar energy consultant in Chile, and FMI share their test approach for the ventilation of pyranometers in Finand.

Our all-in-one solar monitoring station RaZON+ was launched almost a year ago, so now is the perfect time to evaluate the first feedback we have received from the field.


The Deutscher Wetterdienst reviews RaZON+

Germany's National Meteorological Service was one of our first customers to purchase RaZON+ and in this article you can read about their first impressions.


Hands-on experience with the RaZON+ in Italy

Our distributor Eurelettronica in Italy introduced RaZON+ at the Festival Meteorologia in Rovereto in November 2016. They were pleasantly surprised to find how easy it is to install and start up the system.  Read more on page 7 of the newsletter.


Ventilation case study in Finland

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has studied the eff­ects of diff­erent types of ventilation units on  radiometers, especially in winter conditions. On page 6 you will find the details.


Everything a technical advisor wants to know about RaZON+

On pages 4 and 5 Patricia Darez, Director of 350renewables, interviews our physicist Marc Korevaar, about the features of RaZON+ and its solar energy applications.


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