On-Site Connection with RaZON+

On-Site Connection with RaZON+article picture
Published: Tuesday, May 23, 2017 Do you want an on-site check of solar irradiance data and to see if your solar monitoring system is working properly? With the new RaZON+ you can connect directly on the spot. Whether you have your smartphone with you, a tablet or a laptop, just connect by the accessory Wi-Fi adapter to find the RaZON+ and you will get an overview of the status and real-time solar radiation data through a web interface.

This is one the key features of the new RaZON+ ALL-IN-ONE Solar Monitoring System that responds to customer feedback. A separate data logger and readout is no longer needed to check real-time measurements; simply use your mobile device to graphically review the direct, diffuse and global irradiance coming from the Sun.

After you have positioned the RaZON+ you can check the status of the complete system. Is there a good GPS signal? Is the pyranometer working? You can even fine-tune the alignment to make sure that the pyrheliometer is pointing accurately at the Sun to measure the direct irradiance.

To see it working in practice, go to our YouTube channel to view the video at www.youtube.com/kippzonen .

Keep an eye out for more videos about the many key features of the most affordable solar monitoring station available.

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