Newsletter 43 is out now, with an update on our RT1 smart rooftop monitoring system

Newsletter 43 is out now, with an update on our RT1 smart rooftop monitoring systemarticle picture
Published: Friday, January 19, 2018 We hope that you are enjoying the restyled Newsletters! In this latest edition our CEO tells about the recent acquisition of Kipp & Zonen by the Hach/OTT group of companies. You can read three news items from India; an interview with our first Indian customer for RT1, a summary of studies done with our LAS MkII Scintillometer and an article about Indian investments in bankable solar energy projects.
From our home country, the Netherlands, there is an article from the Solar Racing Groningen team preparing for participation in the World Solar Challenge 2019.  After an interesting item about China’s second PV Pioneer project, we complete this newsletter with a reference to our interesting new white paper ‘Pyranometer and satellite, how to combine the data’.

RT1 Update

RT1 smart rooftop monitoring systems are now being delivered and put into operation.  Our first customer in India tells why he decided to buy and install RT1.

A pyranometer to support Solar Racing Groningen team in their World Challenge 2017

Last year the Groningen team attended as observers to the World Solar Challenge in Australia. They took with them a SMP11-V pyranometer to collect irradiance data, which will help in designing their car for participation in the 2019 Challenge.

Energy balance studies in India with LAS MkII

In India they have conducted studies of Energy Balance with our LAS MkII Scintillometer and the results have been published in the Journal of Earth System Science. In this article you can read a summary of the research that has been done.

India invests in bankable solar energy projects

India has a growing need for power and solar energy has become the fastest expanding form of new energy production. Understanding the importance of accurate solar radiation measurement is key to monitoring the return on investment.

China's second PV Pioneer Project

One of Kipp & Zonen’s partners in China has installed several solar monitoring stations in large projects to maximize the calculations of efficiency and energy yield. This article gives an insight into the PV Pioneer Project in Ruicheng. 

Pyranometer and satellite, how to combine the data

We receive a lot of questions about solar irradiance derived from satellite data versus measuring it on-site with pyranometers. So, we decided to write a white paper regarding this subject and it is now available as a free download.


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