A revolutionary net radiometer: CNR 4

A revolutionary net radiometer: CNR 4article picture
Published: Tuesday, April 28, 2009 Kipp & Zonen introduces a new bench-mark in net radiometry. The CNR 4 is the only instrument available that combines four sensors into one housing, complies with the World Meteorological Organisation standard ‘Good Quality’ and has an integrated ventilation unit.

CNR 4 consists of a pair of pyranometers and a pair of pyrgeometers. One set facing upward and one set facing downward. Together they measure the energy balance between short-wave and long-wave (Far Infrared) radiation. CNR 4 is built on the legacy of the popular CNR 1, but is improved in almost every respect.

CNR 4’s unique design is very light weight with an integrated sun shield to reduce thermal effects on the measurements. The meniscus dome of the upper pyrgeometer gives significantly better long-wave measurements. The optional CNF 4 ventilation unit is a unique and efficient way to reduce dirt, precipitation, dew and frost on the sensors.

CNR 4 is the perfect choice for meteorological, hydrological and agricultural scientific research. Read more and see the specifications.


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