METEON 2.0 Data Logger

  • Live irradiance display and logging
  • Modbus® and analog instruments
  • Panel temperature sensor input
  • kWh energy pulse counter
  • Power and configure Smart sensors
  • Comparison mode for testing
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METEON 2.0 Data Logger

The METEON 2.0 is a compact handheld display and data logger optimized for PV related solar radiation measurement. It comes in a rugged carrying case that also offers room for a pyranometer and a cable. It accepts simultaneously up to 5 Smart and one analog Kipp & Zonen radiometers plus a Mencke & Tegtmeyer PV panel temperature sensor and also has a S0 input for kWh meter pulses. 

The large 8 x 22 character display is readable in full sunlight and has a backlight for darker conditions. The keypad with 7 buttons can be used to navigate through the different menus. When using the USB connection the METEON 2.0 can be set in transparent mode to act as a universal RS-485 interface for the connected Modbus® sensors. 

5 x AA internal batteries provide the METEON 2.0 and connected Smart radiometers with power and there is also a connection for external DC power. The M&T temperature sensor must be used with an external 12 VDC power supply.  METEON 2.0 can measure, display and log data from up to 8 devices. Depending on the number of instruments connected and the logging interval selected, it can store weeks of data. 

Comparison of pyranometers is possible with one as the reference instrument and the other as the device under test (DUT). Log files are transferred to a computer via the USB interface and the data can be visualized and/or exported as a csv file with the free METEON 2.0 software. Instrument identifications, log time and date and settings are copied in the header of each file.


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Analogue inputs 1 x millivolt level, suitable for all Kipp & Zonen passive radiometers
Digital inputs 1 x kWh energy meter S0 pulse
Serial input RS-485 port for up to 5 x Kipp & Zonen Smart radiometers + 1 x M&T panel temperature sensor
Supply voltage DC 5 x AA internal batteries or external supply 10 to 24 V V
Internal memory size 380,000 values of average, minimum, maximum for 7 instruments + pulse total
Real-time clock accuracy 5 minutes per year
Display 8 lines of text, LCD with backlight
Communication USB to computer for logger configuration and data download as csv or xlsx files
Operating temperature -10 °C to +40 °C, < 95% RH non-condensing °C



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