The Earth is our Friend

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Published: Monday, June 30, 2008 To help our children learn about producing electricity from sunlight, global electronics company Kyocera of Japan has published a nice booklet. The Earth is our Friend explains what a solar cell is and how solar panels are made and why we should use solar energy to reduce our environmental impact. Kipp & Zonen applauds this initiative and we hope that you will find it a helpful and entertaining document to learn more about solar energy.

Kyocera’s outreach towards educating children about solar energy is a continuation of the company’s corporate environmental awareness initiative. Kyocera began photovoltaic (PV) research in 1975 and has installed thousands of systems throughout the world since 1978. These systems are ideal for charging storage batteries to power remote homes, recreational vehicles, boats, telecommunications systems and other consumer and commercial applications.

Download the booklet The Earth is our Friend.

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