Meteorology & Climatology

Meteorology and Climatology are all about weather, from a local scale to the complete global system. Professionals in these disciplines strive to understand how our environment works and to make forecasts for both the short-term (weather) and the long-term (climate). 

Atmospheric parameters such as solar radiation are important subjects of meteorological and climate research. Solar radiation drives almost every dynamic process on the Earth’s surface and above, from ocean current circulation to weather, climate, eco-systems and life itself. The determination of the radiation budget at the surface of the Earth is fundamental to understanding the Earth’s climate system, climate variability and also climate change resulting from human influence.

Therefore it is important to make high accuracy measurements of solar, atmospheric and terrestrial radiation. Kipp & Zonen instruments are the choice of meteorological organisations and climate researchers around the world who demand quality, reliability and performance.

Applications vary from small weather stations for local weather forecasts to worldwide networks of instruments for climate research that comply with the highest WMO (World Meteorological Organisation) and ISO standards.