Russian Solar Radiation Monitoring Network

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Published: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 In Newsletter 12 we announced that Kipp & Zonen won the international tender to supply 18 solar monitoring stations to the Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Roshydromet). These will be installed at key locations across Russia and are part of the major project to update and modernise the Roshydromet network from manual observations to automated measurements and centralised data collection.

We have now completed the delivery of all the equipment and installation will begin soon. Specialists from our partner in Russia for this project, the Lanit systems integration company of Moscow, have visited Delft for training on the installation, maintenance and servicing of the equipment supplied.

The 18 stations are based on the 2AP sun tracker with active tracking sun sensors, cold weather covers, heaters, tripod stands, height extension tubes and shading ball assemblies. The trackers are fitted with CHP 1 pyrheliometers, CMP pyranometers and CGR 4 pyrgeometers; to measure direct, diffuse and global short-wave radiation and downwards long-wave radiation.  An additional pyranometer and CGR 4 measure reflected short-wave radiation and upwards long-wave radiation.  All the pyranometers and pyrgeometers are fitted with CVF 3 ventilation units.

All four components of the radiance balance are measured and Albedo can be calculated.  Six of the stations also have UVS-AB-T radiometers to monitor UVA and UVB.  The order also includes calibration reference instruments and spare units for exchange during calibration.

Our instruments were extensively tested by the Main Geophysical Observatory (MGO) in St. Petersburg to ensure that they comply with Russian requirements.  To support this, we have supplied a CFR calibration facility for the pyranometers and a custom-built calibration system for the UVS radiometers.

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