Solar Radiation Station Monitors Pollutants in Taiwan

Solar Radiation Station Monitors Pollutants in Taiwanarticle picture
Published: Tuesday, November 4, 2014 Taiwan is located downwind of sources in East Asia of acid pollutants and dusts, and of Southeast Asian biomass burning emissions. Regional meteorological conditions are favourable for the airborne transport of these, and other pollutants, to Taiwan. The high-elevation Lulin Atmospheric Background Station (LABS) was constructed in 2006 to study the trans-boundary transport of air pollutants and their impact on Taiwan.

LABS is located 2,862 meters above sea level atop Mount Lulin, at the boundary of the counties of Nantou and Chiayi, in central Taiwan. Because of its high altitude, the station’s readings are not affected by local pollution from factories, traffic and other domestic sources. It is positioned downwind from the Asian landmass and is therefore ideally situated to monitor long-range air pollutants originating from that source.

There are two major objectives of LABS; to investigate the atmospheric chemistry of precipitation, aerosols, trace gasses, mercury, and atmospheric radiation; and, to study the long-term variability of regional atmospheric chemistry and radiation, as well as climate changes and their impacts on Taiwan.

In November 2008 a complete Kipp & Zonen scientific solar monitoring station was added to LABS. The basis of the station is a SOLYS 2 sun tracker that mounts a set of instruments of the highest accuracy. The SOLYS 2 is fitted with a CHP 1 pyrheliometer and two CMP 21 pyranometers to measure direct, global and diffuse solar radiation. A CGR 4 pyrgeometer is added to measure downward infrared radiation from the sky.

The ideal geographic location of LABS and the local climatic conditions have attracted much international notice. The station has therefore engaged in a number of collaborative projects with organizations from abroad. LABS is operated by the Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration.

SOLYS 2 sun tracker Lulin Taiwan

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