World Solar Challenge 2008

World Solar Challenge 2008article picture
Published: Monday, July 28, 2008 The bi-annual World Solar Challenge is a prestigious race across Australia from North to South for vehicles fuelled exclusively by solar energy. The race lays the foundations for future developments in the field of renewable energy.

Kipp & Zonen sponsors the Dutch entries, three times winner Nuon Solar Team and newcomers Solar Team Twente, with CMP 6 Pyranometers, one of our most successful products. The pyranometers are mounted on support vehicles and are used to validate the predicted values of solar radiation. One pyranometer measures the radiation a few kilometres ahead of the solar car and another is directly behind it. These insights contributed to the winning race strategy of the Nuon Nuna.

Fresnel lenses developed by the Solar Team Twente

Solar Car of the Solar Team Twente @ the World Solar Challenge




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