Solar Monitoring in Qatar

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Published: Thursday, December 5, 2013 Launched in 2011, QEERI is the Qatar Environment & Energy Research Institute and a member of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development. QEERI is conducting research in the areas of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), Efficient PV Systems and the effect of dust on Solar Collectors. A Reference Solar Monitoring Station was installed in Doha, Qatar to obtain accurate solar radiation data for research and investigation.

Concentrated Solar Power is used for generating electricity and for water desalination. Other points of interest are the Qatar Energy footprint and a Qatar solar atlas. Even though oil and gas are still important export products of Qatar, QEERI is looking to the future for alternatives and clean long term solutions.

In November 2012 Ruud Ringoir from Kipp & Zonen visited Doha to install and commission a Solar Monitoring Station for the Alternative Energy Group of QEERI, on the roof of a building of the Qatar Foundation. Together with Dr. Mokhtar Chmeissani, an a_liate scientist in the Alternative Energy group, Dunia A. Bachour and Dr. Daniel Perez Astudillo, both researchers at QEERI, the station was installed and operating in three days.

The basis of the station is a SOLYS 2 sun tracker with sun sensor kit and shading ball assembly. The system measures Global and Diffuse radiation with CMP 11 pyranometers. Direct radiation is measured with a CHP 1 pyrheliometer and the long-wave (FIR) radiation with a CGR 4 pyrgeometer. The three top-mounted radiometers are fitted with CVF 3 ventilation units.

The instruments are connected to a COMBILOG data logger with 230 VAC power supply and a 12 V battery with solar panel as backup. Communication between the data logger and a computer is via RS-232 cable. However, when the station is moved to its final location communication will be via GSM/GPRS modem. The selection of the site will be based on availability and an optimal free field of view.





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